About Us

Presbyterian LogoWho Are Presbyterians? As far back as 1837, the Presbyterian General Assembly declared that the church, by its very nature, is a missionary society whose purpose is to share the love of God in Jesus Christ in word and deed and with all the world.

Witnessing to the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world, Presbyterians engage in mission activities, seek to alleviate hunger, foster self-development, respond to disasters, support mission works, preach the gospel, heal the sick, and educate new generations for the future.

In partnership with more than 150 churches and Christian organizations around the world, the missionary efforts of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) involve approximately 1,000 volunteers and compensated personnel.

Music Ministry

NVPC has a vibrant music program led by Shelley Stoll and Margaret Slagle, on organ and piano. Members and guest artists perform frequently on Sundays. The choir rehearses weekly and performs most Sundays.

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